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We learn by living – through new findings, experiences, unexpected insights or encounters – and we live by learning.

Dipl.-Kfm. Dr. Dr. h. c. Albrecht Deyhle, Gründer


46 years of experience and the future-oriented advancement of our seminar program to the corporate practice make us a specialist for your business training.

Controlling Excellence

In 1971 controlling pioneer Dr. Albrecht Deyhle established the Controller Akademie. Since then around 185,000 inspired participants have attended our seminars, thus taking their careers to new heights.

Practice and knowledge transfer

top our training agenda. We work with numerous case studies and exercises and consider a wide range of best practice examples, which can be implemented for real in daily business. Our in-house training and consulting draws on a constant dialog regarding current developments in the controlling, accounting and management fields.

You are our first priority

Participant-centered learning is our main priority. A special seminar experience is created by participant interaction in the form of case studies, role playing, feedback and know-how transfer units and workshops. The fun and pleasure of learning is one of our key precepts and memorable personal experiences lend our seminars a unique dynamic.

Controlling always up-to-date

We advance the development of business management, in lectures and through joint projects with our partners: the International Controller Association, the International Group of Controlling, as well as in universities and in consulting institutes.

Only when all involved – manager and employees – have an awareness of their emotions and talk openly about them, do we have a chance to sustainably change a team, a department, and even a whole organization.

Dr. Klaus Doppler

Organizational Consulting and Behavioral Training

Special areas of focus

  • Consultation and accompaniment of long-term development and change processes in companies and organizations
  • Consultation, training and coaching of leaders, project leaders and working teams, for example with a view to the conceptualization and implementation of change projects, the resolution of conflicts, leadership behavior, cooperation and networking with other departments and communication
  • Consultation and development of tailored concepts for
    • Change Management
    • Accompaniment of change processes
    • Further education and training
    • Personnel development
  • Own cross-company seminars for trainers, consultants and managers for example on the themes
    • Change Management
    • Project Management
    • Leader behavior
    • Group dynamics

We can not change the wind, but put the sails differently.


Dr. Nele Honecker

Organisation Development & Coaching

Organisation Development

  • Leadership and conduct culture – facing the complex, volatile, ambiguous and uncertain themes
  • New company size – mastering the challenges of significant personnel reduction and increase
  • Changed process and system landscape – actively designing the changing of activities
  • Organisation design and organisational action in transformation – looking the digital transformation in the eye

Team Development

  • Consultation and accompaniment of teams in the setting up and course of their development process – picking up speed and becoming/remaining productive
  • Accompanying of teams in the context of processes of change – facing and reorienting changing basic conditions
  • Successfully managing conflicts within and between teams – retaining the ability to act in the field of tension of conflicting interests


  • Career consultation – find and follow a personal path to personal success
  • Accompaniment in career change processes – actively designing the change
  • Coaching of managers – reflecting on one's own actions and their effectiveness
  • Successfully mastering conflicts – retaining the ability to act in the field of tension of conflicting interests
  • Coaching of women – positioning oneself in the context of a variety of role expectations

HR Management

  • Orientation of the human resource areas – becoming/remaining mores-setting partners in the organisation
  • Sustainable talent management and succession planning – recognising and keeping key people
  • Optimisation of human resource processes – orienting oneself to changing internal & external customer needs
  • Separation processes – taking new paths responsibly and with mutual respect

Keep moving and move others.

Philosophy of motionsquare

motionsquare GmbH

Key Areas:

  • Organizational Consultancy
  • Team- and Leadership Development

Partner for effective and sustainable Change Management with a strong emphasize on globally operating Pharma- and Biotech companies. We support organizations, teams and their leaders to actively shape and execute change.

Social Collaboration is most effective means for reducing the e-mail overload and delivering outstanding team performance.

Achim Bossler

Open System Network

A short company history

  • Founded in 1998, owned by Management
  • Domicile in St. Gallen (Switzerland)
  • Active in Europe and America
  • Long-Standing experience and success with SharePoint and other Microsoft products such as Office 365 and Yammer
  • We integrate IT projects with Change Management and Team Development
  • Our approach creates a stimulating learning opportunity and makes it possible to experience the new world of work hands-on

„Attitude creates reality”. Let us not see the world in the way that it is, rather in the way that we are. Through our inner attitude we continuously construct our reality and determine our own patterns of perception and interpretation.

Dr. Christoph Röckelein

Institut Dr. Röckelein

Dr. Christoph Röckelein

leads the Institute „Personality Didactics” as managing director. Since 1999 he has worked as a consultant and coach, whereas the spectrum of his clients ranges from medium-sized to stock market listed companies of various branches within the whole German-speaking area. With colleagues he founded the company Mai Consulting, Management Consultancy & Academy in Heidelberg and he left in 2016 as an associate and a member of the board of management as well as the leader of the Freiburg Coaching branch of the company. His areas of expertise are attitude-based Coaching, person orientated concepts of leadership development and management education in organizations as well as the concept of attitude based self-leadership.