Attitude oriented
Strengthening resources


Only those who can lead themselves, are capable of providing orientation for others.

Personal Coaching provides a safe space to contemplate, consciously realize and reflect in order to reset oneself and become more effective again. Coaching occasions often arise in phases of professional and/or personal change with new tasks and challenges ahead. Coaching for individuals in responsible functions can also be a regular part of one's own leadership role, with the focus to strengthen one's own personality and to develop internal milestones amid all the external dynamic and complexity.

The goal is to consciously and attentively concentrate on oneself, to recognize and strengthen one's own resources, in order to develop one's own potential. An important aspect of the coaching process is to verify and reflect on the effectiveness of previously implemented strategies, procedures and tools. When we allow this kind of self-reflection, we develop a clearer insight of what we want to develop in the outside world.

Occasions for Personal Coaching sometimes derive from significant changes in both the professional and personal field, which may be linked to each other. These kinds of processes can result in elementary questions for the individual, which is sometimes combined with anxieties. Trustworthy support in these situations contribute to overcomimg these transitions in order to recuperate and build new strength for facing new demands.

Coaching offers the following:

  • Accompaniment in professional and personal change processes
  • Coaching in crisis situations
  • Coaching for leaders to reflect upon their effectiveness and attitude
  • Coaching at life's turning points to focus on a new professional and personal orientation
  • Mentoring and consulting of personal career planning
  • Coaching of women in their own positioning in the context of their diverse role expectations