Organizational Consulting

Setting into motion the dynamic of development processes with the interdepencies within the organization

Hauser ONE consults its clients in comprehensive change processes. Triggers can be strategic, organizational, structural or personnel related questions. The focus is on both local, as well as on transnational or intercultural issues. This includes the execution of English language consultation and training processes in an international environment

We offer many years of experience in diverse contexts of global organizations, on both a national and international stage. The range of our consultancy work stretches from classical process support to systemic organizational consultation. The principles, as well as the contents and methods, with which we work, have stemmed out of this broad spectrum.

Through our consultancy process, our customers are supported in a systemic and well-founded manner, and thus find a sustainable solution for the various matters for which they themselves take responsibility.

The core principles are:

  • To strengthen the intrinsic development of the organization and the ability to solve problems, by working out solutions together with the responsible individuals.
  • To have the entire system and representative environment in perspective and consider all measures and interventions from a systemic point of view. The requirement to develop an understanding for the interdependencies and functionality of the organizations, with whom we work, is aligned with this.
  • To punctually involve those concerned in order to strengthen the awareness and responsibility of individuals on all levels of the organization, and therefore achieve sustainable engagement.
  • To value and appreciate the individual personality is our overall guiding principle of our consultancy work.