Leadership Map
Mold for the future

Leadership and cooperation

The embedding of leadership in the business strategy is the prerequisite so that leaders may effectively fulfill their role in the organization.

Leadership consists of much more than the individual capability of leading people. In our consulting approach, leadership is understood as a process and a function of the organization to design the sustainability for the future. Especially in the context of mounting complexity and uncertainty, the tried and trusted tools of a leader are being put more and more into question. At the same time, however, there is still a lack of concrete ideas of how leadership can successfully be practiced in the future. It no longer suffices to only think within the boundaries of one’s own department, but the willingness and capability to keep in mind the context of the entire organization and the resulting challenges is essential. In consequence, a comprehensive, interconnected understanding of leadership, that goes beyond a focus on hierarchies and functions, is the key for future success. This is the foundation to clearly defining the relevant topics and demands for one’s own leadership role. In this increasing outer dynamic, it will more and more become a key factor of how to mold leadership in a confidence building and appreciative way.

Themes and motives for leadership and cooperation:

  • Anchoring leadership as a process and function for the design of the future sustainability of the organization
  • To analyze the status quo of the organization with respect to leadership in order to fit it to the future requirements and to the target vision of how leadership should be in this context.
  • Developing and using leadership maps as a guide for how leadership is carried out
  • Reflecting on the current leadership strategies, procedures, instruments and methods, as well as reviewing their effectiveness and usefulness for the organization
  • Reviewing and developing a suitable leadership and organizational culture
  • To develop leadership out of the functional silos into an interconnected and comprehensive understanding of how to lead and cooperate
  • To implement team development measures within a systemic approach
  • Developing the team as a multiplicator for the leadership, who work together on equal terms
  • Establishing a sustainable feedback and reflection culture in the organization
  • Support and supervision of leaders in the organization in order to develop and reflect the understanding of their roles, their personal profile and inner attitude

In context with these and similar topics Hauser ONE offers a variety of formats: Consultation and accompaniment of development processes in organizations; Undertaking workshops and team development measures; Design, accompaniment and carrying out of leadership programs and trainings