Change Competence

Shaping change with focus on sustainably developing future capabilities of the organization and the engagement of employees.

Hauser ONE offers competent and reliable consultation throughout change processes during a wide range of situations and scenarios. Diverse experiences and perspectives have contributed to a profound and proven procedure in the consultation and accompaniment for organizational processes. In this way our clients can be supported from the conception of their change initiative to the sustainable implementation in a process-oriented manner. The concrete procedure for the individual request is developed within a dialogue on equal footing.

The essential principals are:

  • To develop a procedure that is compatible on all hierarchical levels of the organization and which enables the engagement of all employees.
  • To reveal and accompany how communication and leadership in change processes may be molded in a vivid and effective way.
  • To brace the ownership for the process with the responsible leaders.
  • To support the development of a procedure for change processes under consideration of the key factors of a successful approach.
  • To ensure that people learn from each other during the process across hierarchies and functions.

The overall goal is to lead the organization to a sustainable future.

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