Coaching Walk

New challenges require new ways

Despite all challenges, especially in times of crisis it is important to pause for a moment, reflect our actions and thoughts and realign them if necessary. Mindfulness towards ourselves and our environment will help unfold the potential to recognize and strengthen our own resources. By self-effectively facing this time you can take those next steps clear and reflected.

Of course, I also offer virtual coaching via Teams, Skype or Zoom, which can certainly be a good solution for follow-up appointments. For clients requesting a personal meeting, I see the coaching walk as a good and practical alternative, which has proved itself even after the corona crisis.

I would be very happy to invite you to a coaching walk in the vineyards or a virtual meeting and to accompany you confidently through the next time. Due to the special circumstances I am also willing to take alternative ways for the financial side. Just give me a call and we will find a solution.

You can find more about my coaching offer here:
Coaching Offer