Dialogue ability
Ambiguity tolerance

Intercultural Competence

The core of intercultural occupational competence is not about knowing or understanding foreign cultures, but rather the openness for switching from knowing to not-knowing and from understanding to an acceptance for not-understanding.

The dynamics and global interconnection of organizations result in a maximum level of complexity and uncertainty within. In order for the organization to exist in the long-term, people are needed who stay capable of acting amidst the variety of cultures and who are prepared to learn how to competently react upon the arising challenges.

Hauser ONE has sound experience with the consultation and accompaniment of intercultural issues and in the leadership and support of transnational teams.

The emphasis of the consultational work is:

  • Supporting organizations in their transnational orientation
  • Accompaniment for the merging of organizational units, resulting in the evolution of a common business culture
  • Development and support of international leadership programs in the field of change competence, leadership and diversity
  • Designing and leading learning expeditions for the development of intercultural occupational competence
  • Coaching of individuals and teams with focus on becoming more aware and improving their personal intercultural occupational competence

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